Spitzen Energyreen

About Spitzen Energy Group

  • Spitzen Energy group is founded by a technocrat with focus on wind and solar renewable energy in 2007.

    • India Spitzen Energy Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra, India.
    • Germany Spitzenenergie Solutions (Germany) e.K., Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany.

  • Spitzen Energy group is a leading manufacturer & solutions provider in renewable energy & electrical field.

  • Our business divisions are:

    • Renewable Energy (Wind & Solar PV)
    • Electrical components
    • EPC

  • We provide the complete solutions under one roof including design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and service.

  • We are certified (empanelled) by Government of India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) / National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) which is formarly known as Centre of Wind Energy Technology (CWET).

  • We have license to manufacture agreement with Fortis Wind Energy, Netherlands one of the leading manufacturer of small wind turbines in the world. We also have exclusive agreements with leading Europian manufacturers like BLOCK Germany, BORNACK Germany, KRAUS Germany, Victron Energy Netherlands, SCHUCH Germany, DOSCH Germany, Fairfild Italy.

  • Our Renewable Energy systems have been running successfully in various states including Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Goa, Meghalaya etc in India. We also export wind turbine components and controller to Europe. We provide comprehensive engineering services to local and international Clients which includes conceptual studies, basic & detail engineering services.

  • We provide comprehensive engineering services, to local and international Clients, including Conceptual Studies, Basic engineering services, Detail engineering services etc.
  • Spitzen Academy : We conduct various trainning courses in the field of renewable energy and EPC electrical engineering.

Founder and Managing Director

Uday Kshirsagar

Electronics engineering graduate having over two and half decades of contribution in Power Conversion sector, since last 10 years especially in Renewable Energy sector. Rich experience at Siemens India for 8 years and Siemens Germany for 8 years on various national as well as international (Germany, Austria, USA, Spain, Korea etc) projects. Leading ‘Spitzen Energy’ group which is active in India and also in Germany, in the field of Renewable Energy and electrical/electronics engineering. Has rich & diverse cross-functional experience at national as well as international level in the field of Power Electronics as well as renewable energy project in the area of business development, manufacturing, qualiy assurance, project management etc. The founder Vice-President of “Indian Small Wind Association (InSWA)” since 2010. Distinguished speaker on wind & solar renewable energy in various conferences like wind power india, renewable expo india, CSR conferences organised by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (IICA). Recently honoured by “National Engineers Award” on engineers day in 2015. Have a very strong vision to excel in the field of green energy especially for electrification in rural India for the betterment and development of the country.

Founder Director

Anagha Kshirsagar

A Science graduate with over 10 years experience in management, administration, business development, and CSR projects. A thorough professional with deep understanding of green energy & Customers requirements. Passsionate about environment protection & conservation, green energy initiatives, social responsibility programs.