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Products and Applications

We provide Complete Solution Under One Roof including feasibility study, design, manufacturing, installation & commissioning and also after sales service.

Wind Turbines & Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems

Our wind turbines range covers 1.4KW , 5KW and 10KW rating wind turbines. Spitzen is manufacturer Empanelled with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India and National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE). Turbines certified as per International IEC61400 standards at NIWE/NREL/Interlek. Licence to manufacture agreement with M/s. Fortis Wind Energy, Netherlands who is leader in the small wind turbines in the world.

We do Feasibility Study, Design, Manufacturing, Installation & Service of Wind–Solar Hybrid Systems for various applications. Wind & Solar are complementary sources & Power Generation Throught Out The Year.


Wind Charge Controllers

We manufacture state of the art wind charge controllers for our wind turbines. The controllers are IGBT based and robust suitable for high temperature, high humidity stringent working conditions. The controllers manufactured are for our Domestic use as well as for export to the Netherlands.

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Solar PV systems

We are the Channel Partner of Govt. of India, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) for for Grid Connected Solar & small Solar Power Plants Programme. We design and supply Solar Photovoltaic Systems of any size, especially roof-top solar power plants. The Solar systems for various applications are developed after the feasibility study and installation is done as per highest quality standards.


Solar Water Pump systems :

Solar PV system for water pumping systems are designed and installed as per Customers requirements. The typical systems are for 3hp, 5hp, 7.5hp and 10hp water pumps. These are especially useful for irrigation purpose.


Component Solutions

Components from reputed European manufacturers mainly from Germany & Netherlands.

  • EMI Filetrs, Reactors, Transformers, Power supplies
  • Inverters, Invereters-Chargers, Battery chargers, DC-DC Converters, Automatic transfer switches, Battery monitor, Battery isolators, Solar charge controllers, Solar cables, Batteries
  • Safety items like Fall Arrestors, Safety full body harness(Belts), Rescue devices, Shock absorbers, Positioning/self-retractable Lanyards
  • Slipring assemblies, current leads, Disconnectors/Aux-Switches/Insulators/Voltage-Detectors for Railways
  • Lamp fittings for dust-/Waterproff, industrial, outdoor, LED, high temperature, food industry, painting plants, wind power stations etc.
  • DP Flowmeters, EARL Control instruments
  • Power resistors


  • The strength and potential lies in the ability to generate Power in decentralised and distributed mode : production at consumption points

  • Wind and Solar are complimentary to each other, hence wind-solar Hybrid systems ensure power generation through out the year.

  • Spitzen has implemented some CSR projects successfully mainly for village/school electrifications.

  • The Typical Applications in various Sectors :-

    1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) :–
      • All Corporate with Net Profit > Rs. 5 Cr. need to contribute at 2% of Profit on CSR Activities for Social and Economic Development of the Communities under the Section 135 of the Companies Act.
      • The 10 Activities under Schedule VII of CSR Rule mentioned – few of them are Environmental Sustainability, Education, Women Empowerment , Health etc.
      • In environmental sustainability projects, the Corporates initiatives for electrification of Villages, Schools, health centres particularly in remote areas where no power is available / frequent Power Outages are found helps upliftment of deprived section of society and can take such Project.
    2. Telecom Towers :–
      • Wind-Solar hybrid systems are especially suitable for telecom tower applications reducing the consumption of Diesel & CO2 emissions. MNRE supports with Central Financial Assistance (Subsidy) for this application. .
    3. Agriculture Sector :– Water Pumping from Borewell , Openwell , River, Ponds , any other water source ( Surface Mounted / Submersible ), Security Cabins, fence lighting at farms etc.
    4. Rural electrification :– Schools/ village electrification, primary health centers, pilgrimages, community centers etc
    5. Industrial Sector :– Industries , Warehouses, Corporate Offices and Premises , Telecom Towers etc.
    6. Commercial Sector:– Shops, Malls, Hotels, Commercial Establishments, Offices etc.
    7. Domestic Sector :– Individual / Community / Private Houses , Bungalows, Villages , Resorts , Farm Houses, Hospitals , Societies, Health Centres etc.

Application possibilities limited only by imagination…