Spitzen Energyreen

First Ever Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems for Indian Railways

  • 12KW Wind-Solar PV Hybrid Systems for Konkan Railways
  • Applications : Electric loads at railway stations and level crossing gates
  • Power to Generator Room, Relay Room, Platform lights, Station Master Room

Wind Turbine System for Government of Chattisgarh

  • System for Chattisgarh Renewable Energy Development Agency and Naya Raipur Development Authority
  • Applications : Street, garden lighting at Central Avenue Park in front of Chattisgarh Mantralaya, Naya Raipur
  • 30KW system consists of 6 numbers of 5KW wind turbines
  • Auto changeover between system and CSEB grid supply

Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems for Government of Maharashtra

  • Electrification of Tribal Schools for Tribal Welfare Department, Government of Maharashtra
  • Tribal Schools in District Dhule, Nandurbar, Amravati, Pune, Aurangabad etc.
  • 5KW Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems supplying power to School Classrooms, Office, Girls and Boys Hostel etc.

Wind-Solar Hybrid System for Defence Dept. Govt. of India

  • Project for Ordinance factory of Defence dept. Govt. of India
  • 2.4KW Wind Solar PV hybrid system
  • Power to Wath Tower, lights, fans, computers etc.

Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Corporate’s CSR project for remote village electrification
  • Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems supplying power to School, houses, street lights etc.

Wind Turbine System for Government of Odisha

  • System for Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency and Forest department
  • Power for forest department office, street lights etc.
  • 13KW Wind Solar PV hybrid system

Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems for Corporate and Domestic Customers

  • Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems for Corporates and Domestic Customers
  • Power for lights, fans, computers, street lights etc.

Wind-Solar Systems for Educational Institutes

  • Wind Solar Hybrid systems for schools, colleges, Universities supplying power to Offices, Classrooms, Labarotaries etc.
  • Especially useful for spreading awareness and education about renewable energy sources to students
  • Also additional advantage for NAAC accreditions