Lithium Batteries - EAS Germany

Spitzen Ace Energy Storage Pvt. Ltd. has collaboration with EAS Batteries GmbH Germany
EAS – leading Lithium battery manufacturer in Germany
EAS proven OEM in the world with use of its products

  • Own battery development and production capabilities with integration capabilities into complete system solutions
  • Certifications according to International standards
  • Stainless steel construction which avoids corrosion and provides shock resistance
  • High maximum pulse discharge to meet exceptional peak demands
  • Simple connections ease operational use and provide low resistance interface
  • Proven in harsh environments
  • Lithium-lon battery technology is a revolution— everything becomes electric
  • Nonewstorage technology in sight that could outcompete lithium-ionin the near future
  • There are multi billion EURO markets beyond automotive — often with a much better ROI
  • Automotive cell design and cell specifications are in general not suitable for industrial applications
  • Vertical integration from cell design & cell chemistries up to final battery product is highly advantageous
  • EAS – Spitzen – Committed to “Make in India”
  • Lithium-lon technology is complex & needs a broad array of know how and competencies
    (chemical, mechanic, electric, thermal, digital, production, market understanding, etc..) > EAS + Spitzen


7.5 Ah NCA UHP_2019