Safety products (PPE) - Bornack Germany

We have collaboration with BORNACK Germany on an exclusive basis and have been working together with BORNACK Germany since 2008. As a market leader for fall protection equipment, we offer you a comprehensive range of safety products & services on the subject of fall protection and personal protective equipment against falls (PPE). We also have a Service Centre established in Pune India for repairs / revalidation / recertification under guidance and support of BORNACK Germany.
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The main products :
  • Fall Arrestors type RS-S02, RS-S05, RS-S06, SSE-02
  • Full body harness (Safety belts)
  • Shock absorber Lanyards, Positioning Lanyards, Self retractable Lanyards
  • Rescue units and other PPE Equipments
Applications :
  • Wind turbines
  • Telecom towers
  • Construction, Mining industry
  • Maintenance of high rise buildings
  • and many more
Service Centre in India
  • Bornack authorised Service Centre in Pune India
  • Set-up & approval as per Bornack guidelines
  • Repairs, Revalidation, Testing of PPE equipments 


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