Slip Rings - Kraus Germany

We have collaboration with KRAUS Germany on an exclusive basis and have been working together with KRAUS Group since 2008.

The main products :

  • Slip Ring assemblies
  • Switchgear (Disconnectors & earthing switches) for Traction applications
  • Voltage Converters & Detectors
  • Current Leads, Busbars & Contacts

Whether applied in car, ship or tower cranes, wind turbines or treatment plants, in machine tools or printing machinery, various industrial applications, or safety technology: The list is long and we develop slip rings meeting any requirements and suited to any customer’s requests. With over sixty years of experience in developing, planning and manufacturing, we are able to develop the right solution for any application and requirement in both small batches of only one right up to industrial mass production.

Ensuring the ideal transfer of power, signals and data from a static to a rotating component demands special technical expertise and pronounced practical know-how. Building on this foundation, we can offer a range of standard components which can be assembled according to specification or even supplemented by new components.
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